Monday, August 24, 2009

nous nageons dans in flac du merte

one of my favorite lines from a truly awful movie. however, i feel it is descriptive of my current state. i feel like i have been so up and down lately. i see all my friends getting engaged, married, or having children of their makes me think i should be falling in line with them, even though i am no where near being ready to do so. (plus there's the whole lack of any guy that would be suitable, but that's an entirely different post, as this one is already angsty enough).

i need a distraction!!!!!! i think that maybe the reason why i'm so anxious to start a family of my own, is because i don't really have the greatest relationship with my own parents. it's not like i want to show them up or anything, although nothing would give me greater joy than to say to my mother, 'wow, it is possible to have a relationship with you daughter without wanting to kill each other'.

the truth of the matter is, i don't mind waiting until i'm 30, 40, or even 50 to get married and to start a family. i just need the confirmation that the universe is going to send another good one my way. one that i won't scare off with my alarming neuroses and remarkable self involvement.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

it's what keeps me going...

i had a facebook chat with my friend sean, the other day. he's a fellow hawaii alum from back in the glory days, who happens to currently be stationed in iraq with the marines. he's divorced, and about six years older than me (i'll let you do the math). so i figured he would be the perfect person to shed some light on my current relationship problems. here is the advice he gave me as he patiently listened to my ramblings about my inability to find the right guy:

use your time to improve yourself and accomplish things and have adventures and you will cross paths with someone who appreciates that...

but at the same time be careful not to become so independent that you can't adapt to another life you might not expect

i'm glad that i am fortunate enough to not only have friends that will listen to my problems, but who can also still manage to have a positive outlook on life, even if they have been dealt a bad hand in the past.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

i can't help it, i'm obsessed...

what is it about a really catchy pop song that just makes me want to put it on repeat 60 or 80 times in a row?

Monday, August 10, 2009

therapy though cooking

so i just had to go and see the new movie julie and julia yesterday, and it was fabulous! i may be speaking as a novice foodie, myself, but i LOVED it. there were so many parts that i could relate to, which in my present state really helped me to gain some perspective on my current status in life.
i wish i could have identified more with julia child's story, living a fabulous life in paris, revolutionizing the culinary world by making french cooking accessible to americans. but to be truthful, it was the life of julie powell, a self described cubicle worker who found herself drowning where julia child's book pulled her out of the ocean, that i found myself relating to. my favorite part was when julie was speaking with her husband, and she said something to the affect of: no matter what kind of day i've had and when nothing has gone right, i know that i can come home and mix egg yolks, chocolate, cream, and sugar and make a delicious chocolate cream pie. cooking was therapeutic to her. it was a way to escape, and something that she could depend on.
this got me thinking...what if someone offered individual cooking classes as an alternative to stereotypical therapy? i think there would be some merit to it, as it can re-enforce life skills, such as following instructions and encourage creativity, and what better medium to communicate with others than over food. is there anything else that can bring people together like a good meal? do you think people would pay for this type of recreational therapy as opposed to traditional one on one sessions?

Friday, August 7, 2009

web cam perversion

why is it every time i go to check the turtle bay webcam to look at the surf, there happens to be some pervy guy in 'control' of the webcam checking out girls at the pool?

at least now i know why it's one of the 'top rated webcams'...

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

damn you taylor swift

i hate to admit it, but your new song 'you belong with me' perfectly captures my current angst...

Monday, August 3, 2009

are movies actually getting better?

not to mention the new sherlock holmes with robert downey jr. coming out this christmas...