Sunday, January 31, 2010

art imitating life...

when i first saw previews for this movie, i was super excited to see it, in fact i might have even blogged about it...but since i was living in hawaii at the time, and the closest movie theatre was at least 45 minutes away, i quickly forgot about it. now that i am in front of my computer all the time, whilst i meticulously search the internet for jobs, i decided to downloaded it, and i have to say that it quite accurately portrays the uncertainty and anxiety that you can feel while you are job hunting.

it's admittedly not the deepest movie, and probably won't win any oscars, but i can't help but relating to ryden's character, and not just because of her offbeat family. she's very driven, and has always known what she's wanted to do, but finds herself floundering after college when her meticulous plans for the future don't quite meet her expectations. she is further juxtaposed by her best friend who is completely ambivalent towards his future.

michael keaton, jane lynch (she played meryl streep's sister in julie and julia), and carol burnett did a great job portraying members of ryden's eccentric family, and the always lovely zach gilford plays the overlooked friend, that any girl in real life would have already fallen in love with. however ryden appears to be oblivious to his charms.

so i guess for your typical 'follow your heart regardless of whatever's going on in your life' movie, this one happens to strike a chord with me.

Monday, January 18, 2010

we made it!!!!!

we made it to california. indy hasn't stopped purring since we got here, and juneau has peed on the floor twice, so we're right on schedule.

let the job hunt/car search begin.

pictures to come soon...

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

reality check

this morning i had the honor of attending a very special service. it was intensely emotional, and supremely uplifting and hopeful. seeing others' strength in the face of adversity exposes a side of themselves that one might not normally get to see.

i can't imagine the pain that they have been through these past few weeks, but it couldn't have happened to more capable people. i know in my heart that they will be able to press forward, though this difficult trial, and come out on the other side stronger. dealing with loss is an essential part of life. though it may seem unbearable-it's times like these that we have to remember that we are never given anything that the lord feels that we will not be able to handle. death is not an end to all means, just another step towards our eternal progression. those who have passed away, are in a place of peace, far away from the earthly trials and tribulations that are so abundant in this world.

we can also take comfort in the fact that there are people everywhere willing to help, whether it be in person or in spirit. an overwhelming amount of people responded with their support and prayers for baby gavin, and even though he was only on earth for a short period of time, he was still able to touch an enumerate amount of lives in the process.

what a humbling experience. it makes any problems i might have been having seem trivial, as they pale in comparison to true loss and hardship. as i watched baby gavin's parents, richie and natalie, up on the pulpit, i couldn't help but notice how they handled everything with such grace, and how strong and steadfast their testimonies continued to be. their knowledge and firm belief in the gospel will help to shape their children's testimonies, in addition to ensuring that anyone close to them will feel the spirit strongly-as it continues to comfort them in this difficult time.

Monday, January 11, 2010

one week from today

no more hawaii...

i can hardly wait