Monday, May 23, 2011

killer allergies...

is anyone else suffering as much as i am this year?

my allergies haven't been this gnarly since i was 7 and would get bloody noses that would last for, what felt like, forever.

at least that phase has passed, and now i just have to deal with eyes that won't stop itching, and near asphyxiation from congestion in my sleep.

how much allegra/claratin/loratadine/antihistamines can you take before it becomes a 'lethal' dose?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

escape to l.a. ...

it's been about five years since kathleen and were both at this beach, so we thought we'd take a commemorative picture, to document the occasion:
what brought us there? why her little sister's wedding!

(pre-apologizing for the fuzzy flash was being temperamental)

homemade cake by sarah, another one of kathleen's sisters

it's legit!

guess who caught the bouquet?

and my personal favorite moment of the weekend, while cruising around in seal beach:

i also got to help my friend jessica pick out her wedding dress! sadly, i didn't get any pics...but trust me, she looked amazing. *sigh* always a bridesmaid...