Sunday, May 31, 2009

too good to resist...

i have to say that i am not an avid fan of reality tv.  (i swear if i walk into one more person's apartment to find 'america's next top model' on, i will take a baseball bat to the television).  i guess i just don't find the lives of 'has been' celebrities and other wannabe famous people that exciting.  as far as i'm concerned, they have been given the chance to live out their 15 minutes of fame.  but i guess the society we live in today will not just let them fall by the wayside and become a part of pop culture history, we prefer them to continue to exploit themselves in a quest for our entertainment, rather than let them resume what semblance of a normal life their rise to fame has left them with.  but i guess that's what you sign up for when you sell your soul to the reality tv gods.


i have to say that the new season of the show, 'im a celebrity...get me out of here'  does intrigue me.  the premise is that a bunch of 'celebrities' are dumped in the middle of the jungle (under controlled circumstances, of course) and we, the audience, decide what happens to them while they are in said situation.  during a brief promo for the show they showed the public voting for a swarm of bees to be released on sanjaya, a former american idol competitor.   other celebrities (and i use this term loosely) to be featured on the show are:  heidi and spencer pratt, lou diamond phillips, and former self proclaimed super model  janice dickinson, whom i can not wait to see without makeup.   i guess people really will do anything to become and stay famous.

now that's what i call must see tv

Friday, May 22, 2009

dear hockey gods...

it would be scrumtrulescent if by the time i got back from my trip you could arrange it so the wings have swept the hawks.


ps:  if you could also make the pittsburgh/philly series last 7 games so that the wings will get a few days off, while whatever team they have to play in the finals becomes really tired and haggard that would be great.

jet setting...

this is where i'll be this weekend:

sleeping in one of these:

hopefully there won't be too much of this:

Thursday, May 21, 2009

delightful discovery...

i was elated to find that the hauula 7-11 has started to carry these:



(taken with my work computer's built in camera)

sorry there's not before shot...just imagine me with about 10 more inches of hair.  

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

precious moments...

is there anything better than curling up with your freshly washed comforter on a cool spring night?

how about waking up at 1am to find that someone has taken your freshly washed comforter out of the dryer and is sleeping with it?

so peaceful...

coming to the end of my rapidly fraying rope...

ok so i invited some friends to sleep over on saturday, because all of my roommates had left and i didn't want to spend the weekend alone.  

well apparently one of those people took that as an invitation to move in, eat my food, camp out on my couch while on the internet until four in the morning, and use all my stuff.

they was supposed to move all their crap out yesterday, but they ended up not coming  back around 10:30pm to brush their teeth (with my toothpaste, mind you), eat some of my food (without asking), and then went out to hang out with their current crush.  

i wouldn't mind the company if they were a normal person, who has the common decency to ask before doing anything that might piss me off.  i think they refuses to ask because they're afraid i'll say no, not that that would stop them.  for example, i was house sitting, and the first thing they asked was what food they could eat, even though it wasn't my house.  while my friend and i were out buying groceries, they decided to help herself to come cookie dough that was in the fridge, which again, was not mine.  i told her not to, since it did not belong to me, or her for that matter and her defense was, 'they won't even notice'.  well a few days later, she was helping herself to the cookie dough again, after i had asked her very nicely not to.  so she got all pissy and said that that was the least of her worries, and that, again, they wouldn't even notice that it was gone.  

as if that wasn't enough, over the weekend she was looking through my freezer, after we had just eaten a huge breakfast.  she then came over to ask if i had anything sweet to eat.  (which she already knew, because she had seen MY ice cream in the freezer) to which i responded, 'i know you already saw the ice cream in the freezer, so why are you even asking me?'  luckily there was some left over ice cream my roommates had left, so i let her polish that off.  

is there a polite way to tell someone to, 'get the hell out?'

...or will locking her out of my house and pretending i'm not home suffice?

Friday, May 8, 2009

move over doogie howser..

are you ready for this, nashville?  cause there's a new doctor in town!

read all about it here 

i wonder if she makes house calls?

Thursday, May 7, 2009

i'm echoing...

this is my life right now:

get up
feed cat
go to work
get annoyed with people who call on the telephone only to talk to my co-worker who shows up maybe three days out of five
drive home
eat dinner
watch a movie
go to bed

repeat until insane.

Monday, May 4, 2009

spring has sprung

so the warm weather has finally descended upon our little island.  i can't say whether or not i am grateful for the change, but it is nice and sunny again, so yahoo for that.  another recent development, no more visiting students!  i have to say, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside knowing that the visiting student program is finished...FOREVER.

in other news, today might be the final north shore swell of the i'll be at puena point when i get off work.