Sunday, February 24, 2013

just disgusting enough to be fabulous...

in their latest marketing strategy, lay's has introduced three new flavors created by fans.  these flavors will then be voted on, and the winner will become the 'new flavor'.

i have to say my current favorite is the chicken and waffles flavor.  i'm loving the hint of maple flavoring, with the saltiness of the chips.   it's also such an 'it' food right now, that i think it wil be a strong contender.

the cheesy garlic bread flavor is, for lack of a better descriptive word, safe.  the garlic isn't overpowering, and you can detect a hint of parmesan.  although they're tasty, i don't feel like they have what it takes be the big winner.  there's nothing really dazzling, or unique, to make them truly memorable.

now onto the sriracha flavor.  they're not very spicy, but do have a nice vinegar kick.  while they're not my favorite, i think that these will end up being the big winner.  it's a another trendy flavor, and they're unlike most other chips on the market.  i think the public will embrace these more than the 'chicken and waffle' flavor, which is delicious, but not very cohesive with potato chips. bonus, they will be very marketable in countries where sriracha is already a popular condiment.

Monday, February 11, 2013

slow learning curve...

i've been taking pictures of the indoor softball league, partly to pass the time until we get back outside to play, partly because there were no good pics on the website.  it was a little rough at first, but now that i've work through some of the kinks (getting a 1.8f lens, finding the right settings) i'd say it's gone pretty well.  i'm super grateful for the experience, and i now feel that i have a better understanding of how to use my dslr camera, and less like one of 'those' people who just shoot in auto mode. plus, i get the pleasure of seeing what people's faces involuntarily do when they're trying to field the ball:)

it's all about the wordplay

an ad in women's health this month:

well played playtex.  well played.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

thankful for...

this little guy

amazing historical locations

delicious exotic food

Sunday, October 28, 2012

candy making blitz...

i've been really into making homemade candy lately...

peppermint patties

3 musketeers bars

peanut butter cups

can't believe softball season is almost over, luckily, indoor ball will be starting soon!

fall is in the air...

and that means one thing to me:

pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

if you're feeling southern...

chocolate covered prah-lines.

if you're not, then chocolate covered pray-lines.

either way, they're delicious.