Sunday, February 24, 2013

just disgusting enough to be fabulous...

in their latest marketing strategy, lay's has introduced three new flavors created by fans.  these flavors will then be voted on, and the winner will become the 'new flavor'.

i have to say my current favorite is the chicken and waffles flavor.  i'm loving the hint of maple flavoring, with the saltiness of the chips.   it's also such an 'it' food right now, that i think it wil be a strong contender.

the cheesy garlic bread flavor is, for lack of a better descriptive word, safe.  the garlic isn't overpowering, and you can detect a hint of parmesan.  although they're tasty, i don't feel like they have what it takes be the big winner.  there's nothing really dazzling, or unique, to make them truly memorable.

now onto the sriracha flavor.  they're not very spicy, but do have a nice vinegar kick.  while they're not my favorite, i think that these will end up being the big winner.  it's a another trendy flavor, and they're unlike most other chips on the market.  i think the public will embrace these more than the 'chicken and waffle' flavor, which is delicious, but not very cohesive with potato chips. bonus, they will be very marketable in countries where sriracha is already a popular condiment.

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  1. I love a food review and this post brings me so much joy. I'm keen to try the C&W and Sriracha. The garlic kine sounds heinous. In my opionion garlic doesn't belong on a snack or lunch food; who wants to taste that for the rest of the day? Well, besides horrible people?